How it works


What does an Adaptive Test mean?

Why do we even need an adaptive test?

Adaptive test changes the level of difficulty of questions depending on your previous performance. CAT algorithms is the only proven method to differentiate the entire spectrum of participants.

What skills does the DSAT test?


Data Science

Data Science has the highest weightage. Skills including practical knowledge of ML algorithms, programming skills on Python and other DS tools, Neural Networking architectures will be frequently tested.



Understanding of Statistics is key as you advance in your data science role. We will test you on frequently used concepts like probability distributions, population statistics, sampling methods etc.


Quantitative Ability

Quantitative Ability is next on line. We test your ability to work with numbers, make quick estimates on business problem sizing, linear algebra etc.

Why should I take DSAT?

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    Improve your DATA SCIENCE skills

    This SMART adaptive test will reflect your strengths and opportunity areas and constantly challenge you to unleash your best potential in the various skills required to ace in the industry.

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    Track your PERFORMANCE

    DSAT provides you with personalized insightful dashboards that help you measure and evolve your specific opportunity areas

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    Compete with fellow PROFESSIONALS

    Perform continuously to climb up the ranks on DSAT Global Leaderboard. Challenge your friends for a 1:1 competition and enjoy the journey.

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    Increase chance of being HIRED

    As top performer on leaderboard, you get more visibility with Data Science employers and propel your chances of landing your dream role!


This is what people say about the platform

"The leaderboard rank movement, the quality of questions, and the number of topics you can cover in a short amount of time make this platform very addictive and extremely relevant for learning."

"The platform provides a fun and exciting avenue to exercise the analytical muscles and find out exactly where your strong and weak points are in the analytical space. So, you can revise and keep improving"

"I was so glued to the platform that I missed my preparation sessions for an upcoming 16 km marathon!"

This platform is very addictive and one can learn a variety of topics just by playing datamin.

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Are you a recruiter?

DSAT has been carefully designed for assessing the skillset on various dimensions that we believe are most relevant for a data scientist. DSAT is easily modifiable to change the mix of questions for specific recruiting requirements. If you are interested, drop us a note.

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